Monday, July 15, 2013

Clothes Making for a Waldorf Doll, Part II

I talked a little bit before about how I was making new clothes for a waldorf doll. Well, dresses are fun, but as any self-respecting toddler will tell you, everyone needs a set of good pajamas. I still think it's a ploy to extend the bedtime routine -- because we certainly can't go to sleep until Faye is properly dressed.

Handmade Waldorf Pajamas, made from a revised AG doll patternNow I'm not a garment maker, but these came pretty close and they were easy! As before, I had to slightly modify a pattern meant for American Girl dolls. I used this adorable pattern from "Little Abbee" on Etsy. I actually ended up having to ask the author a question (a completely stupid question because I can't read at 2AM ), and she was just about the nicest person ever. I highly recommend her and her shop.

The pattern was super easy, and I'm really pleased with the results. It reminds me of the flannel PJ sets I wore as a kid (yes, I was always fashionable... not).  I've since been asked to make a PJ set for everyone in our family -- like I need more sewing projects. Even so, I might agree to make them in exchange for sewing while they go to the park or something. I just can't get into garment sewing! I'm always so afraid it will come out the wrong size! Any tips?

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