Sunday, May 12, 2013

Boston You're My Home

To Boston With Love 

I've spent a lot of time reflecting, but I still don't have the right words to talk about what happened in Boston this April. Marathon Monday has always been a joyous holiday in Boston, and now some part of that has been changed forever. More humbling still is the fact that any other year, or even just a different time of day, and it could have been me or any number of my friends and family standing at the finish line.

My heart breaks for the lives lost and it aches for those whose lives have been changed forever. But for me it's important that I fill the heartache with goodness and love -- and refuse to reward evil with fear and hatred.  In these situations it is especially healing to make and give, and that's what I spent the majority of the day doing. It was cathartic and ever so therapeutic. Appropriately, this is the first block that I designed entirely myself -- this one is straight from the heart.

I am so thankful to the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild and Amy Friend for organizing this lovely tribute. I cannot wait to see the flags hanging proudly at the MFA.


  1. This is really beautiful. I'm glad for your safety, and feel the same way about expressing my feelings regarding this tragedy.

    First time visiting your blog. You do gorgeous work!