Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wombat in Progress & Proof that Fifty is Cool

My step-mother is turning FIFTY this weekend. We'll be celebrating in style with an all day party, but I wasn't sure what to do gift-wise. So I asked. And you know what her birthday
request was? A wombat to call her very own. Yep, she's cool.

So, I'm stuffing (and stuffing... and stuffing) this evening. Her head is taking shape nicely.  BabyBee is, of course, helping me. Every teeny-tiny bit of stuffing in the wombat has been subjected to a full on hug-assault. Let it also be known that Baby Bee has strict quality control standards. Wool stuffing might be prone to minor imperfections, but she's made sure to remove any "suspicious" tufts (read, "too curly" or "too yellow"). Only the best for Grammy.

And in between all her helper-duties, BabyBee is hosting a lovely tea party for her friends. 

 Life is definitely good. Very good.

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